OPINION – “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together” – James Cash Penney

Over the last few years I have had the privilege of speaking with and even coaching thousands upon thousands of brilliant, bright, creative geniuses in their own right. And although each individual that I encountered were all very different, they also brought with
them one commonality:

Each and everyone of them saw themselves as someone that they were not while enduring their own journey to success first.

I am the first to admit that unleashing the creative genius from within is a worthwhile endeavor with many benefits attached to it. But the journey itself to discover one’s gifts has also been the same journey that takes most people out of their greatness and into a life of mediocrity and lack of growth.

Knowing this fact, I can’t help but to wonder how many humans attempted at one time or another to become something or someone that they were not and because they could not see
themselves there first, they reverted back to what is considered “normal” to society.

The honest truth is, we are either growing internally while seeing ourselves in advance with what only makes sense in reverse also known as “faith” or we are declining and allowing the possibilities that life has to offer, pass us by while gifting our inner genius a slow death.

If there is anything that I have learned on my own personal journey to becoming someone that I am not yet, it is the powerful internal knowingness that the tests I have passed up until this moment by life’s pain is why I write this column today.

It has been the forces of discomfort, trials and tests compiled together which has granted me the opportunity for growth on a daily basis.

The question you must ask yourself is: “Have you yet discovered your silent brilliance because you are running away from the growth that comes with it? Or, could it be that the world has created such a conditioned generational curse that you may not know that you are in fact a genius yourself?

Either way, in this moment you have your choice.

Be Bold. Be Great. Be You.