OPINION – “Action is the foundational key to success” -Pablo Picasso

Recently I have been digging a little deeper as to who I am and where I truly desire to go in my life. Over the last nine years I have manifested things that most would consider a success but like most entrepreneurs once you hit a goal it’s embedded in you to set another unrealistic, attainable, big goal. As I reevaluated my objectives from the beginning of 2015 I became fully aware that things needed to be changed.

By seeing with complete clarity what had to be done I started to get excited about the direction that I made the decision to go down. And then what came next was a bit unexpected.


Yup, that four letter word that kills more dreams than anything else. The internal conversation I started to have with myself was quite interesting. Maybe it was because I was fully present in that moment so I was living out what some would call “an outer-body experience.” But without a doubt I had effortlessly found my way into talking myself into something that would change the direction of my entire life and then right back to rationalizing why that path wouldn’t work.

After a few minutes of manifesting an internal dialogue with myself, I began to silence the chatter that had made its way into my mind without asking for permission first. As my brain began to come to a calmness, I couldn’t help but to wonder how many of us create our own obstacles internally while silencing all the possibilities that exist from within?

Think about it, whenever deep changes are required in order for growth in any area of our lives that in itself tends to come with a fear factor because it’s consider change. We all fear change because with that comes the uncertainty of what’s next. And since we are all creatures of habits we feed off of certainty and resist uncertainty.

So the question remains, how do we grow into a deeper level of existing if our basic human instincts resist change?

In my own experience it’s simply moving before you are ready.

You see, most people wait too long because of the false evidence that they have made to appear real, which in fact limits the required growth while at the same time deliberately manifesting our own obstacles.

If you truly desire change, feel the fear and do it anyway.

Be Bold. Be Great. Be You.