Sacramento – The cities of Rancho Cordova and Elk Grove will be the first agencies in California to launch a pilot program designed to streamline permitting process for tenant improvement projects to one day.  The program is based upon a successful working model from the City of Phoenix.

Working with Region Builders, an association whose mission is advancing regional economic growth, the Cities of Rancho Cordova and Elk Grove are moving forward with the plans to launch the Permit Simplicity program on July 1st, 2015.  Permit Simplicity allows businesses to obtain a permit for improvements to an existing building in one day.  Under this program, plans prepared by a designated, pre-qualified professional architect or engineer will be reviewed by the City staff at the permit counter and a permit will be issued the next day.

“We are leading the charge for regional adoption of this program because we value growing the economy.  Our goal is to get businesses up, operating, and profitable as quickly as possible, because time is money”, said Pat Hume, Permit Simplicity Ad-Hoc Committee Member and Vice Mayor of Elk Grove.  “Elk Grove is ready to compete for jobs in the 21st century marketplace.”

The Permit Simplicity Program is optional and there is no additional processing cost associated with it.  For now, the program is limited to tenant improvements for retail, office and warehouse buildings and no food establishments or change in use applications will be considered as part of this process.

“The City is always looking for ways to streamline our processes and support a “Fresh Take” on business,” said Rancho Cordova Mayor Robert J. McGarvey. “The Permit Simplicity program is a new and effective tool to help streamline business location and expansion in Rancho Cordova.”

Architects and engineers who wish to utilize the Permit Simplicity Program will need to obtain all other permits required by other agencies prior to final submittal to the Cities.  Other agency approvals typically include Fire, School Districts and Utilities.  The program may be expanded to other types of permits after the initial trial period.

“Permit Simplicity will set Rancho Cordova and Elk Grove apart from every other jurisdiction in California. The sell point of being able to obtain a permit in one day will be a powerful marketing tool to position our region as a place for businesses to locate and grow,” said Joshua Wood, Executive Director of Region Builders.