2014 dr m joycelyn elders

SACRAMENTO – Considered pioneering and controversial, Joycelyn Elders left her mark in the public health arena.The former U.S. Surgeon General comes to Sacramento next month to share thoughts on issues of the day and her long career in health leadership.
She’ll appear locally on Friday, September 5. The visit is part of the Moon Lecture Series hosted by St. Mark’s United Methodist Church. Dr. Elders, 81, is set to speak at 7:00 p.m.

Dr. Elders, a native of Arkansas, was appointed by President Bill Clinton as the nation’s 15th Surgeon General in 1993. She was the first African American and just the second woman to hold the esteemed position. A year later, she’d be leaving the role after sharing her views on the legalization of drugs, masturbation among young people and the distribution of contraceptives in public schools.

Dr. Elders is the author of “Joycelyn Elders, MD: From Sharecropper’s Daughter to Surgeon General of the United States of America” and co-author of “Harmful To Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex.”

The Bob & Dorrie Moon Lecture Series showcases contemporary insights from dynamic speakers and progressive Christian authors. The Moons endowed the speakers series as a gift and challenge to the Sacramento community to think critically and act ethically on important issues of our time.

Tickets for Dr. Elders’ lecture are $25 general admission and $15 for students. The church, led by Rev. Alan Jones, is located at 2391 St. Mark’s Way. For more information, call (916) 483-7848.