SACRAMENTO- A pair of filmmakers have chosen California’s capital to showcase and preview a portion of their new film regarding the world water crisis.

Water Works’ Fraser Kershaw and National Geographic’s Doug Clevenger will visit Sacramento Film Works at the Coloma Center, 4623 T Street, on Saturday, July 19. Kershaw and Clevenger are fighting the global water problem one town at a time. The film shows why clean water is limited to people south of the border and they provide a solution to viewers.

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Sacramento Film Works is interactive and has a live studio audience that has the opportunity to ask questions of industry experts.

To attend the live taping of the show call (916) 384-5796. Seating is limited and those interested must RSVP by phone.

The show will air on August 2 at 6:00 p.m. on AT&T channel 99 and cable channel 17.