OPINION – How many of you have run out the door in the morning with a cup of coffee and maybe a piece of toast or a doughnut?  This quick breakfast might taste good, might wave hunger and even might give you a bit of energy BUT it isn’t the best suggestion for your overall wellness.   Eating breakfast will jump start your metabolism, sustain your energy, reduce your cravings, and will help you feel better throughout the day.

Here are some great ideas that are quick and will get your day started out right!

Add a bit of sprinkle – Top a high-fiber cereal with a sprinkle of granola, bananas, and low-fat milk or plain yogurt. This combination provides good fiber and protein intake, plus calcium and potassium.

Berry Good Way To Start -Another possibility for breakfast is berries and low-fat Greek-style yogurt with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of toasted sliced almonds. These foods are high in protein and volume, which can help you feel full longer.

Take a SMOOTH ride to work – Smoothies are another smart choice when made with Greek-style low-fat yogurt, mango, spinach and a touch of honey.  Add super foods such as bee pollen, chia seed, and flax seed. A great meal for the early am that is full of protein, minerals, omega 3, and vitamins. For more delicious smoothies that will start your engine go to my website.

Wrap it up! – Breakfast burritos can spice up your morning meal. Scramble egg white with a bit of onion and pepper. Put the eggs on a low-carb whole wheat tortilla. Add a bit of salsa, low-fat plain yogurt and a bit of cheese.Great for fiber, protein and overall great flavor.

Veggies in the AM – There is nothing wrong with having veggies for breakfast. In fact, your body will love it. Add to your eggs spinach,chard,broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes, bell pepper…the list is endless. Good way to get your greens in your diet for the day.

The “Whole” Story – The reality is the best way to have your breads is the whole grain way – not the processed white versions.  Eat whole grain breads, English Muffins, rolls.  Instead of butter use almond butter or one of the other nut butters.  Don’t forget the fruit.  Put peanut butter on an English Muffin with bananas or apples, it’s yummy and quick.