DOWNTOWN SACRAMENTO – The Sacramento City Clerk put the brakes on a June ballot measure asking voters to approve or deny public funding for a downtown sports and entertainment center.

Shirley Concolino, the City Clerk rejected the measure, citing discrepancies with petitions used to put the measure on the June ballot. Nine different versions of the petition were apparently used and possibly without pertinent information for the voters to make a sound decision.

“The City Clerks, who I know take very seriously her responsibility to protect the public, announced her decision to disqualify the STOP petitions based upon numerous legal flaws,” Sacramento Mayor said in a written statement to The OBSERVER. “I’ve had serious concerns about the integrity of the process and the underhanded attempt to subvert and trick voters with misrepresentations, hidden money, and misleading language.”

Concolino said the 22, 938 signed petitions didn’t qualify because they were “non-compliant with the California elections code and the Sacramento City Charter and are therefore insufficient.
By Antonio Harvey
OBSERVER Staff Writer