OPINION – Some say the definition of the word Struggle: “Is to strive to achieve or attain something in the face of difficulty.” And for Tyler Perry, a boy raised in New Orleans in the 1970s this couldn’t be more accurate.

Like most people, I am beyond familiar with Tyler Perry’s massive Success and unlike most I wasn’t aware of his profound Story Behind his Journey. With so many people becoming victims to their circumstances Tyler Perry has risen above the environment he was raised in and has made his set back his comeback.

Growing up he lived with his father and as a young boy he was not only poor but was physically abused by his father. To make matters worse it had become so bad and so consistent that he attempted to commit suicide to escape the nightmare he was living in. With that abuse carrying on things got dramatically worse for Tyler Perry….He was also being sexually molested by some individuals that lived in his community.

In his words Tyler has stated: “You have to understand everything that has happened to you, especially things beyond your control, weren’t about trying to destroy you as much as they were about molding and forming you as a person.” What an inspiring way to look at this unfortunate set of circumstances.
It’s clear as to why this man is so Successful today….Instead of holding on to what happened to him, he put it on paper while becoming the creator of his life. But it still wasn’t easy.

It wasn’t until a friend picked up his diary and found what was written to be inspirational and heartfelt. Tyler was encouraged to pursue his talents and abilities in the face of adversity. Finding his strength through his words, Tyler re located from New Orleans to Atlanta to take on the gifts given to him at birth.

By 1998 he became tired of living in his car, working jobs being a bill collector, housekeeper and many others just to survive….It wasn’t long before he became discouraged and ready once again to give up. With 6 years of struggling and pouring his life’s savings into his first play (which was a failure) Tyler lost faith in his vision, his abilities and his talents. But he kept working tirelessly on his craft.

I am reminded of a quote: “It’s when things seem their worse that you must not quit”. Soon after many failed attempts to produce a play that would draw the crowd that he desired….On his one last opening night, the line was around the building!

It is my hopes that you become encouraged, inspired and moved by Tyler Perry’s relentless Story in the face of insurmountable adversities. We all have a story Behind our Journey, and it’s time to share YOURS.
By Tiana Burse