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SACRAMENTO – Bishop Sherwood C. Carthen, the charismatic and beloved pastor of Bayside of South Sacramento (BOSS), passed away Wednesday of a heart attack, church officials said. He was 54 years old.

He is survived by his wife, Charlene Carthen, and children, Anthony and Siobhan. Memorial details are not yet available.

Bishop Carthen was well-known for extending his ministry beyond the walls of the church, and was a strong believer in fellowship and worshipping with other believers. In fact, the highly regarded pastor regularly received requests to share in devotion and worship services with other congregations.

His leadership and service to others included serving as the president of the National Black Clergy for Substance Abuse Prevention; chairperson of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Worship Celebration Committee for the Sacramento community; and, serving as chaplain for the Sacramento Kings.

“As chaplain of the Kings, Bishop Sherwood Carthen has mentored countless Kings both past and present,” said Kings minority owner Phil Oates in a statement released Wednesday.

“He was an outstanding preacher, but an even better friend to all. All of the Sacramento Kings extend their sincerest condolences to Charlene and their family, to BOSS and the Bayside Family, and to the many, many people and families he blessed,” he added.

Along with being the senior pastor of BOSS, Bishop Carthen was also the founder and director of the Our Family Community Foundation, a para-church ministry specializing in wellness, wholeness and faith. He also served as previously served as pastor at Family Worship Center on Florin Road.

Bishop Carthen had received many degrees and honors for his works and achievements, including a bachelor’s degree in theology and an honorary doctorate of divinity degree in the field of Interdenominational Service from the Mount Zion Institute and Bible Seminary.


By Genoa Barrow

OBSERVER Senior Staff Writer

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  1. My prayers go out to Charlene and his family ….I have no words…..this is a shock. Sherwood was known by many and loved by all—

    “Amen all by myself”

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