SACRAMENTO – The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), which regulates California political campaigns and campaign finance law has confirmed that they have opened an investigation into the funding behind the campaign to kill the proposed downtown arena.

Representatives with the FPPC stated that an investigation into the complaint filed by has been opened, but that they could not provide further comment until the inquiry has been completed. However, according the FPPC website, “A matter will be fully investigated when there is sufficient information to believe that a violation of the Act has occurred. Information regarding potential violations of the Act comes from citizen complaints, referrals from other governmental agencies, media reports, audit findings or may be identified internally.”

FPPC guidelines further state, “Within 14 days of receiving your sworn complaint, we will tell you how we intend to proceed.”

“Clearly the FPPC found merit in our complaint, and the revelation of illegally obtained campaign funds only served to further expose the fraud behind the STOP campaign.” stated Josh Wood with “We look forward to finding out who is really behind the anti-arena campaign.”

One reply on “Fair Political Practices Commission Opens Investigation into The Anti-Arena Campaign”

  1. Get your facts straight and report them accurately. The initiative in circulation is to require a public vote on public funding for an arena. We are against the public funding, not the arena. The NBA and Kings ownewrs have more than enough money to finance their own arena with no public funding.
    How about reporting on this issue: The Kings franchise is entitled to NBA revenue sharing funds of about $25 million a year. That would easily finance a new arena with no public funds needed. Kings owner billionaire vivek Ranadive’ told the NBA to keep the revenue sharing moeny – he doesn’t want it or need it.
    So why should the people of Sacramento pay anything for a new arena? And why are our city council members looking out for the financial interests of the NBA and the Kings ownership group over the interests of Sacramento and our people? Why are they doing their best to sell us out?

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