SACRAMENTO – Business, labor and community leaders are demanding transparency regarding an Orange County political action committee’s involvement in an effort to stop the construction of a sports and entertainment complex in Downtown Sacramento.

“This stealth group is trying to hoodwink Sacramento voters into killing a project that will create 4,000 jobs and bolster our economy,” said Region Builders Josh Wood. “Sacramento voters deserve to know who is pulling the puppet strings and financing this effort.”

In an article published by the Sacramento Bee, “PAC pushes Sacramento arena vote but won’t say where its getting its money”, Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork (STOP) has admitted that their efforts to force a vote on the Downtown Arena project has been largely funded by a political action committee out of Orange County called Taxpayers for Safer Neighborhoods. They also admit that they have no idea how the PAC amassed the resources they sent to Sacramento, since their most recent financial report showed their coffers were almost bare.

“What is lacking from the debate by arena opponents is transparency. The people of Sacramento have a right to know who’s behind this shadowy Orange County Taxpayer group and what their motivations are”, stated James Battles with Crown Downtown.  “There’s a lot of money coming from Orange County for the purpose  of influencing Sacramento voters.  As a city resident I want to know who they are and why they are trying to sabotage the largest redevelopment project in Sacramento history.”

DowntownArena.org is also calling on the leaders of Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork (STOP) to explain their partnership with the Orange County PAC and join in the call for them to reveal their funding source.

“We want to know who the Orange County people are who are funding STOP”, exclaimed Kevin Ferreira, President of Ironworkers Local 118. “If STOP is an advocate for transparency they need to be transparent themselves and reveal who their donors are, including who originally put up the money they got from Taxpayers for Safer Neighborhoods.”

The lack of transparency by STOP and their funders has many asking questions. Some even wonder if there are ties to previous efforts to acquire the Sacramento Kings.

Roger Niello, President of the Sacramento Metro Chamber explains, “I am troubled by the fact that there is an Orange County group trying to influence our region without being open and honest as to exactly whom they are.  I have to wonder if there is some connection with Anaheim of past efforts.”