SACRAMENTO – Signature campaigns are nothing new; but signature withdrawal campaigns are.

Amidst mounting examples of misleading tactics being used by signature gathers on a petition to force a public vote on the proposed downtown arena, scores of Sacramento City voters have been asking how they can get their names off the petition. “It’s an abuse of the public trust” exclaims Linda Cano, a Sacramento voter who was approached to sign the petition. “How you can lie to people like that and think you can get away with it is beyond me.”

In response to deceptive campaign tactics being used to gather signatures by Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork (STOP), has launched their own signature effort; only in their case, it is designed to help voters get their names removed from STOP’s petitions.

“Voters deserve the truth, especially when thousands of new jobs are on the line,” shared Josh Wood, Executive Director for Region Builders. “Too many voters are coming to us saying they signed the petition under misleading circumstances. This is a way to help those voters set the record straight.”

Voters who were misled into signing the petition are encouraged to visit and a complete a Signature Withdrawal form that will allow them to remove their name from the petition.

“We wanted voters to know that there is a way to hold STOP accountable for their lies,” said Mike Tavares, Founder of Crown Downtown.

DowntownArena.Org is part of a public information campaign launched by Region Builders and Crown Downtown in order to let voters know the truth about just how Sacramento will benefit from the new arena project. Their #STOPtheLies campaign is meant to challenge STOP’s misinformation campaign and question their unwillingness to answer why their money is coming from Southern California.