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SACRAMENTO – Yes2Kollege Education Resources, Inc.’s African American Women’s Health Legacy (AAWHL) Program is proud to announce it’s partnership with the UC Davis School of Medicine’s Office of Student and Resident Diversity, in a three part series of workshops and medical clinic, beginning this evening at the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, 3333 Third Avenue at 6:00pm.

African American women and girls are invited to attend the first meeting with the new doctors to discuss their chronic diseases and learn better ways to prepare for office visits and treatment. As students, the young doctors are interested in learning more about Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity and other chronic diseases so they may better serve their future patients. This offering is a great opportunity for patients to learn how to prepare for doctors visits by knowing the right questions to ask, what information to provide, and how to find the “right” doctor for their needs, in order to receive the best possible results.

The second meeting with the doctors will take place at the Oak Park Imani Clinic, on Martin Luther King Boulevard on Saturday, July 13 at 8:00am. The clinic will treat AAWHL women over 18 years, who are uninsured.

On August 7, medical students and AAWHL women will share and evaluate their “meet and greet” experiences and the Imani Clinic visit, both providing valuable input to help manage and treat chronic illnesses that are devastating the African American community, and to assist our students to provide excellent care for their future patients, becoming the culturally-sensitive doctors our community deserves.

Program Executive Director, Sharon Chandler, explains the importance of this unique partnership opportunity, “ AAWHL is excited to sponsor the three meetings to give the women the opportunity to share with the doctors, their personal chronic disease experiences; the good, bad and ugly. We also want them to quiz the doctors on how to get the most benefit from their future interactions. By the same token, the new doctors are encouraged to share their personal motivations for taking on the monumental task of attending medical school. Relationships are built on the sharing of stories that help develop sensitivities to situations and people. AAWHL wants to serve as a catalyst for building those relationships”.

Any woman or girl, insured or uninsured, wishing to participate in the discussion and then attend the clinic (uninsured only) is welcomed. Please contact Sharon Chandler at 916-230-1631 for more information.
By Sharon Chandler