OPINION – Since I was a child, I have been passionate about sports and fitness — growing up in a house full of athletes will do that to you. Like most kids, I participated in team sports year-round at an early age. By the time I was in high school, I was playing something somewhere every week.

After high school I attended California State University, Sacramento, where I studied History and continued to participate in recreational sports and competitive intramural leagues. Upon graduation from college, there still remained a strong desire to be competitive, athletically.

While working behind a desk my first few years out of college, I accepted a job in sales from a big international gym. I quickly moved up the corporate ladder and broke plenty of company sales records, while earning a number of company awards.

However, there was still a void. I began to notice that the majority of the people I signed up for memberships were not reaching their fitness goals or quit coming to the gym altogether. This observation lead to the most significant development in my change of career. The transition into coaching has been more rewarding than I could have imagined.

Witnessing people reach their fitness goals, overcoming obstacles and accomplishing feats that seemed impossible to them, makes it easy to go to work every morning with one mind set. Build champions! In life and in sport.

Once a month, I will give you a challenging exercise routine that can be performed a few times a week or as a supplement to your current routine. I will also provide you with examples of some of the exercises, as well as detailed information on the muscle groups each exercise benefits. The majority of these exercises can be done at home and/or at your local gym. You can modify the difficulty of these exercises by adding weight or by adjusting your tempo.

This exercise program is designed for all levels of fitness. Whether you are a gym enthusiast, or just getting started on your health kick, this program will get you going in the right direction. Remember to stretch and warm up before performing any exercise program.

Once you have completed the routine, cool down with a short walk and finish with another series of stretches. Stay hydrated by taking periodic water breaks as needed.

Before exercising, consult your physician to make sure you are physically able to participate in a workout routine. Lastly, enjoy and have fun!

This program is designed to be performed as a circuit. One exercise immediately after the other. Rest as needed.


  • Jumping Jax: 30-60 reps
  • Push Ups: 12 reps
  • Running Man (not the dance): 40-60 reps

With this exercise you’re running in place with high knees.

Each alternating step represents one rep

  • Deep Air Squats: 15-20 reps

With Deep Air Squats you’re attempting to get our butt below our knees.

Drive form the deep position through your heals back to the starting position.

  • Bicycles: 50-100 reps

With this exercise you’re lying down on our back, knees up, hands behind your head or across your chest, moving your legs in a motion similar to riding a bike.

  • Rotating Planks 12-20 reps

With this exercise your starting position is in a push up position, move down to one elbow followed by the opposite elbow, leaving you in a plank position on both elbows. Reverse that movement to the starting position.

  • Burpee: 8-15 reps

With this exercise your starting position is standing, next place your hand on the ground followed by your legs. At this point you should have your stomach on the ground with your arms in a bottom push position. Push off the ground using your arms, jump up to your feet into your starting position followed by a jump.

  • Rock Climbers: 20-50 reps

With this exercise your starting position leaves you with both hands on the ground and one leg elongated back, and the opposite leg bent at a 90 degree angle with your foot on the outside of your hand. Alternate legs between the two positions.

Bryan Washington is an independent health, wellness and fitness professional.