SACRAMENTO – The Sacramento City Unified School District is seeking ways to eliminating the achievement and opportunity gaps for its students, especially before they get to the third grade.

Today, March 12, an education task force and a broad-base of stakeholders will meet at the Serna Center to examine district policy, practices, and provide recommendations in identifying the root causes of the achievement gap. The meeting will start at 6:00 p.m.

“Failure to educate all children can result in third graders with poor skills who become middle school students with third-grade skills,” SCUSD Superintendent Jonathan Raymond said. “Eventually, high school students without the ability to succeed in college or to compete in today’s economy,” he added.


Raymond also said that achievement gap “has been called the civil rights issue of our time.” If students don’t get the proper assistance to increase their academic skills, they face an uphill battle.

“Further down the road, these students experience increased poverty, crime and incarceration, and decreased productivity and quality of life,” Raymond said.

The Serna Center is located at 5735 47th Avenue in Sacramento. For more information, contact carmenyn@scusd.edu.
By Antonio Harvey
OBSERVER Staff Writer