NATIONWIDE – A new book, Individual Health Insurance For Dummies, produced by eHealthInsurance in cooperation with For Dummies®, has been released to help individuals and families to better understand how to obtain affordable health insurance. The book is available for free in print or ebook formats. Consumers may request their copy online by visiting www.AffordableHealthInsurance.org

The book is being made available at a time when many consumers are uncertain about the meaning of basic health insurance terms as well as the impact of health care reform legislation passed in 2010.

A recent survey conducted by Kelton Research and sponsored by eHealthInsurance found that barely half (55%) of American consumers can confidently say what a “deductible” is, and even fewer can define or explain the terms “premium” (41%), “HMO” (34%), or “coinsurance” (25%).

When asked about specific provisions of the 2010 health care reform law, fewer than half (45%) were aware that the provision of the law allowing adult children to stay on their parents’ health insurance plan until age 26 is currently in effect.

The book discusses how to:

  • Navigate the new health care reform landscape
  • Choose the health plan that suits you or your family
  •  Find self-employed and small-business insurance solutions

Copies of the book are limited to one per person and can be delivered to domestic addresses in the United States only. Individual Health Insurance For Dummies will not be sold in stores and is only available while supplies last.

To get your free copy of the book, visit www.AffordableHealthInsurance.org