CHICAGO – After the success of her co-authored first book with the late Herb Kemp, What’s Black About It? Pepper Miller became widely sought-after by marketers for her insights on reaching African-American consumers. Now, nearly seven years later, the respected consumer researcher is giving the industry more to think about in her newest title, Black (Still) Matters in Marketing: Why Increasing Your Cultural IQ is Critical to Your Company and Your Brand.

Pepper wants to elevate readers’ understanding of Black America. Importantly, she wants to increase society’s and marketer’s cultural IQ. Through an honest discussion, Miller introduces readers to insights, filling in the gaps that many corporations have about Black America.

Miller opens with a winning example – “The Profitable Invisible Middle” and shares insights about a segment under the radar yet reveals how Tyler Perry generated $150 million from the Black community way BEFORE mainstream America ever heard of him. She examines four reasons why marketers say “no” to Black America, and provides rationales with keen perspectives from and facts from numerous studies that make the case about value, influence and cultural capital that this audience brings to the market place.

Black (Still) Matters in Marketing offers a deeper and more intimate look at the evolving concept of what it means to be Black, creating a mosaic picture of Black America where many marketers are not fully aware of, with insights like these:

* The Millennial “Boomerang Effect” reminds us that we’re not post racial. Not yet. As Millennials age and experience the “real world”, many are re-evaluating the relation between their identity and culture with the idea of being successful.

The Digital Divide is finally diminishing, as Blacks are catching up with Caucasians in online access and surpassing them in mobile computing.

* The Internet is not necessarily “the equalizer”. There are countless successful new media platforms created by Blacks for Blacks in support of the strong and powerful Black social network and Black blogosphere, yet are under many marketers’ radar.
Here’s what some industry professionals and early reviewers are saying about Black (Still) Matters in Marketing:

“When Pepper Miller writes a book, “best practices” change. Her first, “WHAT’S BLACK ABOUT IT:, (with the late Herb Kemp) was a sensitively phrased summary of the best that’s been thought and felt about marketing to Black Americans. And she emerged as the best American writer on this topic. But this book is a big step beyond: deeper, riskier, more personal and even more specific. In a lucrative and growing marketplace that others have neglected and disrespected, here are clear directions on how to engage and grow and prosper – and how to get your management on board. You need this market. You need this book.” — Mickey Brazeal, MultiCultural Marketing Communications, Professor, Roosevelt University

“I loved it! …It is ruthless in taking on each raggedy roadblock, and obliterating it with a laser beam of fact and logic…” — Larry D. Woodward/President Graham Stanley Advertising

“Pepper masterfully addresses the business case for reaching the lucrative Black consumer market. This book highlights the challenges and nuances of targeting this audience, while emphasizing the critical role of consumer insights in reaching Black consumers.” — Matthew Barnhill/Executive Vice President, Market Research BET

“Pepper’s book is timely; extraordinarily well-researched, and provides a deep understanding of the cultural dynamics and attitudes of the broad and diverse black consumer group!” — William Hawthorne/VP, Diversity Strategies and Legal Affairs, Macy’s
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