SACRAMENTO – Erin Gruwell, the inspiration behind the Freedom Writers is coming to Sacramento on April 19th. She is going to discuss her experience with the 150 Freedom Writers in Sacramento and how they changed each other’s lives.

Also, Sacramento has been chosen as a Freedom Writers Institute site, providing 25 local educators with an exceptional professional development opportunity in Long Beach, CA, led by Erin Gruwell and the Freedom Writers.

Developing teachers professionally changes the academic experience of students. Research shows that of all the educational resources devoted to helping students learn, teachers matter most. The Freedom Writers Institute is designed to train and support educators of at-risk students with the long-term strategy of retaining passionate and dedicated teachers who are committed to transforming their students’ education, and ultimately their quality of life.

Over multiple-day workshops, Erin Gruwell and the Freedom Writers Foundation staff provide materials and convey grade-specific approaches to using The Freedom Writers Diary, The Freedom Writers Diary: Teacher’s Guide and ancillary materials in the classroom. Teachers participate in and learn a pedagogical framework through which they can engage students in the learning process, enlighten them intellectually, and then empower them to achieve their academic and civic goals.

The Foundation offers several training sessions each year, with 20 – 30 participants at each session. The Institute accepts educators from all around the globe and is a competitive program — to apply, educators must provide information regarding their students, school and teaching experience. Each applicant is reviewed by the Foundation’s Educational Advisory Board and carefully selected so that each session is diversified by region, teaching level and experience.


  • Candidate submits application
  • Application is reviewed by the Freedom Writers Foundation
  • Candidate is assessed by the Educational Advisory Board
  • If accepted, applicant receives a welcome packet and is assigned a program liaison from the Freedom Writers Foundation

Educators, including teachers, administrators, coaches, and social workers, interested in applying to the program can contact the Foundation directly at for an application.