SACRAMENTO – Concerned citizens are expected to attend the Sacramento City Council meeting tonight to ask why Carol’s Books bookstore in the North area has not reopened. The meeting starts at 6:00 p.m.

The OBSERVER has learned that a least five speakers will ask Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and City Councilwoman Sandy Sheedy why the City has not accommodated the reopening of Carol Books since a street flood on June 28, 2011 closed the bookstore. Sheedy represents District 2, the district in which Carol’s Books resides.

Other businesses were affected from the flood when a water main broke on the evening of June 28. Nearly all of the business are open and have been able to sustain operations since the flood. The operator of Carol’s Books, Sharon Wright, said in December that the bookstore has lost a tremendous amount of business and the community that patronizes Carol’s Books are impacted by the closing too.

“We want answers,” said one member of the community who asked for anonymity. “We are concerned whether the store will open again.”

Carol’s Books is one of four businesses that have a claim on file with the City. The City of Sacramento Human Resources manager for Risk Management said in December that the city was working to resolve the claims. After the calf-high flood, 16 various businesses and individuals filed claims for compensation of repairs and loss of property.

The Carol’s Books issue is not on the City Council agenda, therefore, the speakers will approach the Council during public comments. No action from the City Council is expected tonight. City Hall is located at 915 I Street.

By Antonio R. Harvey | OBSERVER STAFF WRITER |