INDIANAPOLIS – The Super Bowl is much more than a football game; it has become a cultural phenomenon, with office pools sizing up the outcome and family and friends gathering to cheer on their favorite team.

But people don’t just tune in for the game. One of the most important elements of Super Bowl Sunday is not the on-field action-it’s the commercials that spark the most water cooler talk the next day.

In fact, fans look forward to the creative ads that air on Super Bowl Sunday so much that it has ignited a new trend in advertising–consumer-generated TV commercials. The amount of talent and creativity among consumers has been so impressive that the Doritos brand has turned over the Super Bowl stage to its fans for the past five years.

For two of the last three years, a consumer-generated Doritos ad from the Crash the Super Bowl contest has taken the top spot in the USA TODAY Ad Meter, a rating system that tracks the responses of viewers to ads during the broadcast. As a result, the brand has awarded the ad creators with millions of dollars in bonus cash prizes. Finalists have gone on to receive commercial work, Hollywood representation and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

This year, in addition to seeing their ads air during the Super Bowl XLVI broadcast, two winning finalists will also receive the most life-changing contest grand prize to date: a guaranteed opportunity to work on a future Doritos project with one of the hottest entertainment teams in the industry. Plus, there’s a $1 million bonus cash prize if either of the winning finalist ads scores No. 1 on either the USA TODAY Ad Meter or the recently announced USA TODAY Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter.

Two of the five consumer-generated Doritos finalist ads will see airtime during the big game, and it’s up to consumers to choose one of them. Visit and vote for your favorite today. The Doritos brand will give away one $10,000 cash prize to a fan who voted in the contest every time the total number of votes across all voting platforms reaches a 100,000-vote milestone. They will continue giving away these $10,000 cash prizes at each 100,000-vote milestone until they reach 1 million votes across all voting platforms and have given away a maximum of $100,000. You can vote at the website via mobile phone or Xbox. Details are available on the website.