Injunction Against Vaccine Law Shot Down in Court

(CBM) – With the new school year in full swing across the Golden State, a lawyer for a group of families seeking an injunction against a new law mandating all K-12 students be vaccinated before heading into the classroom, said his clients children will not be able to attend public or private schools. Last year, […]

U.S. Congressman’s Statement Questions Science Cited to Support School Vaccine Bill (Video)

SACRAMENTO (CBM) – New information coming out of Washington, D.C., is confirming the worst fears of Californians who opposed the state’s new “School Vaccine Bill.” On the flip side, it is also arming them with the strongest argument yet against mandating vaccination for all school-aged children — with exemptions only for medical conditions — across […]

L.A. Makes Final Call Before “School Vaccine Bill” Vote

LOS ANGELES (CBM) – Attorney and activist, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is putting $10,000 on the table. His concern that innocent kids in California could suffer serious medical injuries because of the impending “School Vaccine Bill” is so great, that he is willing to put up his own money to anybody who will debate him […]

Vaccinations: Losing the Option to Opt Out

(CBM) – Singer Chaka Khan’s sister, Tammy McCrary, believes there is a link between her 17-year-old son’s Autism and a Measles Mumps and Rubella (MMR) shot a pediatrician gave him when he was a two-year-old toddler. Before agreeing, with reluctance, to the doctor’s recommendation for the multi-dose vaccine, McCrary says she preferred a holistic approach to […]