Can Escape Clause Save Voting Rights Provision?

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration and civil rights groups are defending a key section of the landmark voting rights law at the Supreme Court by pointing reformed state, county and local governments to an escape hatch from the law’s strictest provision. The Voting Rights Act effectively attacked persistent discrimination at the polls by keeping close […]

Obama Weighs Stepping In On California Gay Marriage Case

WASHINGTON – Facing heightened expectations from gay rights supporters, the Obama administration is considering urging the Supreme Court to overturn California’s ban on gay marriage – a move that could have a far-reaching impact on same-sex couples across the country. The administration has one week to file a friend-of-the-court brief with the justices outlining its […]

Same-Sex Marriage Cases To Get Supreme Court Review

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Supreme Court is taking a potentially historic look at same-sex marriage by agreeing to hear two cases that challenge governments’ different treatment of gay Americans. The focus in one case is California’s constitutional amendment that forbids same-sex marriage. The other case deals with a federal law that denies to those who […]

No Action By Supreme Court on Voting Rights Law

WASHINGTON – Three years ago, the Supreme Court warned there could be constitutional problems with a landmark civil rights law that has opened voting booths to millions of African-Americans. Now, opponents of a key part of the Voting Rights Act are asking the high court to finish off that provision. The basic question is whether […]

WILLIAM REED: Death of Affirmative Action

OPINION – “We expect that 25 years from now, the use of racial preferences will no longer be necessary.” – Justice Sandra Day O’ Connor, 2003.” The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard arguments regarding a longstanding racial controversy. So, in the traditional form of our time in America, the Black descendants of slaves will still […]

Study: Race-Neutral College Admissions Can Work

WASHINGTON – As the Supreme Court revisits the use of race in college admissions next week, critics of affirmative action are hopeful the justices will roll back the practice. A new report out Wednesday offers a big reason for their optimism: evidence from at least some of the nine states that don’t use affirmative action […]

SCOTUS to Take Up Racial Preferences & Gay Marriage in New Session

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court term that begins Monday holds the prospect for major rulings about affirmative action, gay marriage and voting rights. A look at cases the court already has agreed to hear and other top cases in the pipeline: RACIAL PREFERENCES – In Fisher v. University of Texas, to be argued Oct. 10, […]

Supreme Court Hands Obama a Huge Healthcare Victory

WASHINGTON – With conservative Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. providing a surprise supporting vote, the United States Supreme Court gave President Barack Obama a major victory Thursday by upholding the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act. In the most watched Supreme Court case since Bush v. Gore in 2000, the justices upheld the […]

Supreme Court Won’t Review Police Use Of Stun Guns

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court has decided that it will not review the appropriateness of stun guns used by police on suspects. The high court on Tuesday refused to hear appeals from police in Hawaii and Washington, or people who were stunned by officers. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said officers could not […]

U. S. Supreme Court To Hear University of Texas Affirmative Action Case

NEW YORK – Today, the United States Supreme Court granted certiorari in Abigail Noel Fisher v. University of Texas, a case challenging the constitutionality of UT’s reintroduction of racial preferences in the undergraduate admissions process in 2004. In 2008, Abigail Fisher sued UT in federal court after she was denied admission, arguing that but for […]