Young Black College Grads: We Are More Disciplined Financially than Our Parents

MILWAUKEE – Young African American college graduates say they are much more serious about reaching financial goals than previous generations, according to new Northwestern Mutual research. A large majority (70 percent) of 18-to-34-year-old African American college graduates described themselves as either “disciplined” or “highly disciplined” financial planners, compared to only 47 percent of those aged […]

More Black Women Going Bankrupt: What Can They Do?

NATIONWIDE – Research has long shown that there is a huge financial gap between whites and Blacks in America. Earlier this year, the Ariel Education Initiative revealed that African Americans are eroding their retirement savings at a much higher rate that other demographics. The report showed that many African-Americans are withdrawing money for unexpected emergencies, […]

20-Somethings Stressed by $45,000 in Average Debt

PITTSBURGH – Twenty-somethings’ mounting debt is taking its toll, as 60 percent of the generation who grew up amid economic growth and graduated into a hard-hitting recession say they feel stressed about their outstanding debt, according to a survey by The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: PNC). The unique study compares responses among Generation Y […]

Americans Accept Responsibility for Their Own Financial Security, But Still Want Safety Net

WASHINGTON – With the economy still shifting under their feet, Americans recognize that they have more responsibility than ever for their own financial security, including retirement, according to new research findings from Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. But they still expect the government to provide a social safety net, the survey found. “Consumers are […]

Generational Gap on Debt & Credit Scores

COSTA MESA – The latest credit trends study from Experian shows that baby boomers are strong and steady in their pursuit of the American dream, while the Gen Y’ers are starting to make their way by building credit with their student loan and auto loan payments.  Generation X has the highest amount of debt in […]