KEVIN CHAVOUS: An Open Letter to Black Elected Officials


OPINION – Each year, various social service organizations issue reports relating to the state of black America. While issues such as affordable housing, jobs, crime and challenging family dynamics are generally discussed, the poor quality of the education received by far too many African American children continues to be a focal point found in these […]

TIANA BURSE: Turn Obstacles Into Openings


OPINION – Lou Holtz once stated: “Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it.” Recently, I found myself being asked the why question.“Why do bad things happen to good people?” I have always found this statement intriguing on so many levels and not because it isn’t a […]

ROBERT WOODS: How to Manage Your Cash


OPINION – In the world of finance, cash is King. However, how we use it can give us financial freedom or have you screaming “Where Did My Money Go!” The following article, if used pragmatically and well-orchestrated can make your retirement years one of peace and happiness. Objectives of Cash Management Cash Management is a method […]

LYNNIS WOODS: 10 Holistic Ways To Get A Great’s Night Sleep


OPINION – I promised myself when I started this journey to wellness that I would increase my work life balance. I think I have done that. I promised myself that I would do more varied workouts and I am doing that. I also promised myself that I would get more than 4 hours of sleep […]

TIANA BURSE: Perspective Is Everything


OPINION – Marcus Aurelius once stated: “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we we see is a perspective and not the truth.” As I approach the “thirty something” benchmark in my life I have begun somewhat of a new journey to mental clarity. Over the last few years a snowball of […]

DERRELL BRADFORD: Parental Choice in Education is The Answer


OPINION – When I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in the mid 90’s, I moved to New York City. And I did what most young folks did them: found the cheapest apartment I could afford in the nicest neighborhood possible. That place was a first-floor front studio near Central Park. The block was lovely, […]

AUBRY STONE: Affordable Care Act: The Entrepreneurial Effect


OPINION – American businesses lost $576 billion in wages last year due to employee sickness. When a person’s health causes them to miss work days, it has a direct effect on the ability of the business to perform at its optimal level of operation. People are a business’s greatest asset and if a business does […]

LYNNIS WOODS: 10 Foods That Chase Away The Winter Blues


OPINION – As I assess things that I know I need to change in order to be well, I have to think about what happens to me when Winter first arrives.  I have to admit that I suffer from the “Winter Blues”.  It doesn’t last long but it definitely does come for about two weeks. […]

KEVIN CHAVOUS: School Choice Emerging as a Go-To Issue for African American Voters


OPINION (NNPA) – With each election, political experts can look at various voting patterns by certain groups to determine which issues are important to those groups. For instance, among African American voters, it is clear that issues such as jobs, quality housing, affordable health care and education consistently are the most significant. As it relates […]

JASON MATTHEWS: Gov’t Found Bailout Friend


OPINION – Lack of funding and poor performances in government sponsored pension funds, left them needing a bailout. The Government finally found a friend who is willing to help. That friend is, Judge Christopher M. Klein of Eastern District of California. Judge Christopher M. Klein says, in his decision for Stockton bankruptcy case is, “City, […]