CYNTHIA KENNEDY: Young Women of Color Advocating for a Healthy South Sacramento


OPINION – According to the California Department of Public Health, California continues to see increasing levels of inequity in the health status and mortality of communities with less material resources, in particular within minority communities. Center for Community Health & Well-Being, Inc. believes that one critical component to improving health within our communities begins with […]

TIANA BURSE: There is a season for everything.


OPINION – I have been as transparent as I possibly could be in reference to my journey whether good or challenging. Over the past few years, I have encountered moments where I contemplated going back to school, giving up on my dreams and settling for what life had to offer. Here’s the reason why…the amount […]

Lynnis Woods: How to Get A Good Start on Your Journey to Health & Wellness


OPINION – I ran across list of things you should do to begin your journey to wellness. After giving it some thought I came up with my own list of things one should do to begin that important journey to wellness. The list is not in order of importance and is only a partial list. […]

ALONDRA THOMPSON: Allowing Room For Children To Make Their Own Decisions


OPINION – During trying times of discovering appropriate family rules, each member of the structure may benefit to have a sense of ownership of the rules being implemented.  In the skill of listening, the parent has the cleverness of paying attention to his/her teen while channeling into his/her Higher Power.  Many parents have expressed the […]

SIMEON GANT: Why Go Green?


OPINION -When we begin our discussion with youth about going green, we first ask them, “Do you know anyone with cancer, asthma, or birth deformities?” Most often everyone raises their hand. We then ask them if they know why the incidents of these diseases have risen over the past few decades.  Most draw blank stares […]

SANDRA POOLE: Pathways to Wellness: Leading Full and Productive Lives


OPINION – Wellness — it’s essential to living a full and productive life. We may have different ideas about what wellness means, but it involves a set of skills and strategies that prevent the onset or shorten the duration of illness and promote recovery and well-being. It’s about keeping healthy as well as getting healthy. […]

TIANA BURSE: Who’s Leading Who?


OPINION – To want more or not to want more that is the question. In life we go through a motion where the “Rush Hour of Life” takes us by storm, which at times includes high winds, rocky waters and what can sometimes feel like a ship wreck. As if life isn’t challenging enough feeling […]



OPINION – My head is just killing me! For many of us this is an often too common phrase that escapes our lips. Whether we are waking up with a throbbing in our head or after a long day of work there is that searing pain behind our eyeballs, headaches are nagging and can, for […]

RAY JOHNSON: Is Your Daughter Falling in Love With Thugs Through Music?


OPINION – “Oooooh that’s my baby daddy!” was the response from an 11-year-old girl at a junior high school in Vallejo, California, after a photo of rapper Lil Wayne appeared on the big screen during my gang prevention presentation. This young girl was not alone, numerous other girls sprinkled throughout the classroom made their affections […]

CHARLENE CROWELL: Overdraft Fees Cost Consumers $16.7 Billion

Charlene Crowell - NNPA Columnist

OPINION – In recent years, many banks and credit unions have encouraged new checking account customers to accept two items: a debit card that replaces cash transactions and a “protection” known as overdraft coverage. Overdraft programs automatically pay for transactions not covered by available funds; the bank then repays itself the overdraft amount along with […]