LYNNIS WOODS: 6 Great Tips For a Less Stressed Holiday Season

OPINION – Tis the season to give and give and give.  We give presents, we give our time, we give our energy, what we don’t want to do is give away our health.  There are some simple things we can do to make sure that we take good care of ourselves even if we are pressed […]

LYNNIS WOODS: How To Set Up Your Day In A Positive Way

OPINION – I have found that it is very important for me to set my day in a positive way. I have a routine that I have been doing for the last five years that has made such a difference in my life.  While it has involved a time sacrifice, it has ultimately been worth it […]

RICHARD PAN: Thank You for a Successful 2015!

  OPINION – What a year it’s been!  We haven’t slowed down for a minute. That’s why I appreciate the holidays when we take a moment to take stock in what’s important and celebrate all that we have with friends and loved ones. As for me, I give thanks to you and the entire Observer community […]

TIANA BURSE: The Secret of Change

OPINION – An anonymous person once said: “When life gets a little blurry, just adjust your focus.” In life, it is so easy to let the chaos around us become our focal point especially when the negativity of our existence is thrown in our faces 24/7. For example, I can’t think of the last time a […]

LYNNIS WOODS: Great Holiday Appetizers: Low Calories & Fat

OPINION – One of my favorite foods that is packed with nutrients and health benefits is Hummus. Traditionally this dish is a favorite in Middle Eastern countries and it is now very popular in other parts of the world. It has a texture and consistency something like peanut butter. It is very easy to make […]

LYNNIS WOODS: Staying Balanced-Mind, Body & Spirit

OPINION – There are so many techniques, opinions, and practices that are subscribed to when it comes to the topic of keeping the body balanced. Most of them have some relevance and the majority of them will work for some people. I have come to realize after working with so many people that everyone is […]

JASON MATTHEWS: How Are We Going to Pay for Everything?

OPINION – Right now the United States has more than $18 trillion in debt. While I am writing this it is increasing. Our Medicare deficit is more than $980 million. Our Social Security bill is more than $879 million. More than 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day. The most baby boomers were born between […]

TIANA BURSE: Know Your Worth

OPINION – A anonymous person once stated: “Always know the difference between what you are getting and what you deserve.” Life is a movie. A motion picture where we are not only the stars of our existence but also the director of the show. With limitless possibilities that we as a society have at our […]

TIANA BURSE: Your Mind Is The Battlefield

OPINION – “There are no constraints of the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.” -Ronald Reagan I’ve studied the power of the mind for many years, the difference between the conscious and subconscious aspects of the human brain and the true secret behind “the […]

TALIA WHITE: Water: The high quality H2O

OPINION –Water is one of the most required commodities taken for granted. When I sit down with potential clients, the number one question I ask them, “How is your water intake?” 7 out 10 will tell me truthfully, that “it sucks!” Our bodies are comprised of 60% water. According to the Institute of Medicine, women […]