Calif. to Receive Larger Share of Mortgage Deal

SACRAMENTO – California should receive at least $20.6 billion from a settlement with the nation’s major mortgage lenders, the largest share of any state and about $2 billion more than expected when the agreement to assist homeowners was announced last year, according to a report released Thursday. The money from five banks will help an […]

CHARLENE CROWELL: $8.5 Billion Agreement with Mortgage Servicers

OPINION – The recent joint announcement by two key federal regulators believed a negotiated agreement with 10 mortgage servicing firms would help more than 3.8 million consumers who were wrongfully foreclosed during 2009 and 2010. Brokered by the Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), mortgage servicing firms agreed to […]

Mortgage Protection, Gun Control & Pension Changes Amongst New Laws for 2013

SACRAMENTO – Homeowners will have increased protections from foreclosure under some of the hundreds of state laws taking effect with the new year. California also is studying whether to create the nation’s first state-administered retirement savings program for some 6 million private-sector workers, although it will take additional legislation before the program can be fully […]

MARIE DAY: Beware of Mortgage Scams—Before It’s Too Late

OPINION – The economy has had a detrimental effect on homeownership. Unemployment andunderemployment have made it tough for many homeowners to maintain current mortgagepayments. In attempts to get assistance and avoid foreclosure, vulnerable homeowners becomeprime targets for scam artists who are taking advantage of people through a wide array ofmortgage scams. For homeowners in need […]

State Senate votes to extend mortgage protections

SACRAMENTO –  State senators voted Monday for a pair of bills extending protections to those hit by California’s mortgage crisis, sending both measures on to the Assembly. Senators approved continuing a law passed during the peak of the mortgage crisis that provides added protections for property owners, renters and neighbors of foreclosed properties. The law […]