How Do Voters Assess Candidates’ ‘2 Visions’?

PHOENIX – It’s the mantra we will hear endlessly in the coming weeks: Americans face a “stark choice” come November. It is a choice, as President Barack Obama has said repeatedly, “between two fundamentally different visions” for our country. Or as newly anointed Republican nominee Mitt Romney has said from the stump, “President Obama’s vision […]

BET News Poll: GOP On Track For Worst Showing With Black Voters In Modern History

NEW YORK – In one of the most comprehensive election-year study of registered African-American voters in the battleground states, BET News’ original poll conducted by nationally-recognized pollster Cornell Belcher, reveals overwhelming support for President Barack Obama for a second term re-election and severe disapproval of Republican Presidential nominee Governor Mitt Romney (R-Massachusetts). “Black, Red, White […]

Mitt Romney Compares California’s Economy To Greece

DES MOINES – Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took a potshot at California’s bedraggled economy, comparing it to the crisis in Greece, as he warned voters on Wednesday that Barack Obama is leading the nation down a similar path of huge debt. “Entrepreneurs and business people around the world and here at home think that […]

Report: Obama Needs Better Than 2004 Black Turnout

WASHINGTON — One of the country’s oldest civil rights groups says President Barack Obama may have a tougher time winning at least three battleground states in November should black voter turnout fall at least 5 percentage points below the record levels that helped to put him in the White House. Black voter turnout of 64.7 […]

Election Night Results: African Americans Play Key Roles In City Council Races

SACRAMENTO – A number of African Americans fared well following yesterday’s primary election. With all of the precincts reporting, Mayor Kevin Johnson, City Councilwoman Bonnie Pannell and City Councilman Kevin McCarty received enough votes to be declared winners in their respective races. Meanwhile, first-time city council candidate Allen Wayne Warren made a strong showing, forcing a […]

AZIZZA GOINES: Prop. 29 Does Not Deserve Black Support

OPINION – In the field of medical research, funding is the lifeblood of innovation. It is what keeps scientists in their labs working on new treatments and cures, and how researchers arrive at new, targeted methods of attacking ailments that have proven more devastating to at-risk populations. This is important, because when it comes to […]

Pannell, Williams Share Vision For District 8

SACRAMENTO – One of the most interesting and challenging City Council races in the June 5 Primary Election, is the two-person contest occurring in City Council District 8. Incumbent candidate Bonnie Pannell is seeking re-election to the District seat. She is being hotly challenged by candidate Betty Williams, recently retired president of the Sacramento Branch […]

Brown Seeks Business Support For Tax-Hike Proposal

SACRAMENTO –  Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday pitched his proposal to raise the state sales and income taxes to an audience that traditionally opposes tax increases _ members of the California Chamber of Commerce. The Democratic governor wants voters to approve the temporary tax increases in November as part of what he described as a […]

African American Leaders Seek Change On SCOE School Board

SACRAMENTO – Local African American education leaders are concerned at what some are calling “an attack on African American student achievement” on the Sacramento County Office of Education School Board. With four seats up for grabs during the June 5 primary election, Black student advocates are pulling together to seek new leadership on the SCOE […]

GEORGE CURRY: Fox News Brings Out the Long Knives for Obama

OPINION – Fox News, the unofficial arm of the Republican Party that claims to be fair and balanced, is conducting an all-out assault on President Obama, doing everything from letting Mitt Romney advisers masquerade as objective commentators to ignoring facts when a high-profile Obama critic or Fox News commentator make unfounded charges., the watchdog […]