The 47% Townhall Meeting: Brown V. 2012 Election – Impact Of Minorities On Voting

WASHINGTON – Tomorrow is Today Foundation is hosting a series of town hall meetings focusing upon the impact of minorities and women on the 2012 presidential and legislative election. Broadcast live —- the inaugural event, “Brown v. 2012 Election: A Town Hall Meeting,” takes place at the African American Civil War Museum in Washington, D.C. […]

Churches Using ‘Souls to Polls’ to Rally Vote

MIAMI – It’s not just the collection plate that’s getting passed around this fall at hundreds of mainly African-American and Latino churches in presidential battleground states and across the nation. Exhorting congregations to register to vote, church leaders are distributing registration cards in the middle of services, and many are pledging caravans of “souls to […]

Poll: Voters Divided Over Death Penalty Repeal

SACRAMENTO – A new Field Poll shows California voters split over a November ballot initiative seeking to repeal the death penalty. Just 42 percent of likely voters say they favor Proposition 34, with 45 percent saying California should retain capital punishment. The survey, released Tuesday, found 13 percent undecided. Blacks were the only ethnic group […]

Vote Early: Skip The Lines, Maybe The Debates, Too

WASHINGTON – Now it’s for real. Every time Mitt Romney or Barack Obama hits a rhetorical high note or commits another blunder, millions of voters watching and listening out there have the power to sit down at home, fill out a ballot, drop it in the mail and be done with the 2012 presidential race. […]

Field Poll: Voter support for Brown tax hike dips

SACRAMENTO – Gov. Jerry Brown’s November tax increase initiative has only slim support with likely California voters, with just 51 percent backing it and 38 percent opposed, according to the results of a Field Poll released Thursday. A rival tax initiative to fund schools remains below the critical 50 percent threshold. It’s the second public […]

African-American Christians Waver Over Vote

NATIONWIDE – Some black clergy see no good presidential choice between a Mormon candidate and one who supports gay marriage, so they are telling their flocks to stay home on Election Day. That’s a worrisome message for the nation’s first African-American president, who can’t afford to lose any voters from his base in a tight […]

Voter ID Laws Could Trip Up Young Minority Voters

WASHINGTON – As many as 700,000 minority voters under age 30 may be unable to cast a ballot in November because of photo ID laws in certain states, according to a new study. The lower turnout could affect several House races as well as the tight presidential contest. Using calculations based on turnout figures for the […]

AKA Sorority Hosts Local Voter Registration Drive

SACRAMENTO – Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated (AKA) will be hosting local Voter Registration Drives throughout Elk Grove and Sacramento. The Sigma Delta Omega chapter (SDO), located in Elk Grove, and the Eta Gamma Omega (HGO) chapter, located in Sacramento, are collaborating to register as many people as possible to vote. On September 9th, the […]

Does Racial Bias Fuel Obama Foes? How to Tell?

WASHINGTON – Is it because he’s black? The question of whether race fuels opposition to President Barack Obama has become one of the most divisive topics of the election. It is sowing anger and frustration among conservatives who are labeled racist simply for opposing Obama’s policies and liberals who see no other explanation for such […]

‘Vote Ready’ Campaign Launched & Ready To Fight Voter Suppression

WASHINGTON – The November election is coming soon and African Americans and other minorities across the country must be prepared to combat one of the most controversial issues that is already having a profound effect before one ballot has been cast — voter suppression. In an effort to battle certain Voter IDs laws and obstacles, […]