Fewer Americans Have Bad Credit

ATLANTA – The number of consumers with subprime credit scores is shrinking across the country, according to new data from Equifax. The total number of consumers with Equifax credit scores below 620 fell 2.1%, or by about 1 million consumers, in the third quarter of 2012 versus the third quarter of 2011.¬† The overall share […]

More Black Women Going Bankrupt: What Can They Do?

NATIONWIDE – Research has long shown that there is a huge financial gap between whites and Blacks in America. Earlier this year, the Ariel Education Initiative revealed that African Americans are eroding their retirement savings at a much higher rate that other demographics. The report showed that many African-Americans are withdrawing money for unexpected emergencies, […]

20-Somethings Stressed by $45,000 in Average Debt

PITTSBURGH –¬†Twenty-somethings’ mounting debt is taking its toll, as 60 percent of the generation who grew up amid economic growth and graduated into a hard-hitting recession say they feel stressed about their outstanding debt, according to a survey by The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: PNC). The unique study compares responses among Generation Y […]