OPINION – Morrie Schwartz once stated: “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” With most of the world equating the world “love” to a significant other, mother, father, family and friend; I can’t help but to wonder…At what point will we learn […]

MARGARET FORTUNE: What’s in a Name?


OPINION – Last week, Fortune School opened our third tuition-free elementary school in Sacramento County—Alan Rowe College Prep located in Elk Grove. We started with grades Kindergarten through 3rd and will grow a grade level a year through middle school. Usually, schools are named for the rich or the dead. At Fortune School, we have […]

ROBERT WOODS: Fundamentals of Cash Management


OPINION – In the world of finance, cash is King. However, how we use it can give us financial freedom or have you screaming “Where’s Did My Money Go!” The following article, if used pragmatically and well-orchestrated can make your retirement years one of peace and happiness. Objectives of Cash Management Cash Management is a […]

BRYAN WASHINGTON: How to get rid of this and tone up that


OPINION – During my time as a strength and conditioning coach, I’ve witnessed an enormous extreme in the differences between what concerns men have in regards to fitness and the concerns with which women face. Men, always want bigger arms (in particular bigger biceps), bigger chest, and better abs. Never a mention of getting some […]

TIANA BURSE: Your purpose is calling…Will you answer?


OPINION – Carl Jung said it best: “There is no coming to consciousness without pain” Each one of us has been gifted with a purpose and vision of what we expect our lives to become. That gift is ultimately yours and only yours to fulfill. Until it is complete there will always be an internal […]

RICHARD PAN: Stay Safe Under the Sun


OPINION – Everyone notices the sun in Sacramento in the summer and everyone should be protecting themselves from its harmful rays, which can cause skin cancer. While skin cancer is more common in White people, Black people are not immune to skin cancer and are often diagnosed at later stages of the disease resulting in […]

KEITH HERRON: New Initiatives Address the Plight of Students of Color


OPINION – The plight of today’s low graduation rates among males of color is a serious matter. In the state of California, less than 68 percent of Hispanic students who start high school graduate on time. For African Americans less than 59 percent of students who start school graduate on time. Studies also show that […]

AZIZZA GOINES: Only the Strong Survive the Dream


OPINION – Almost all of us do it. You know, sometimes at night when we close our eyes and enter that state of REM and sometimes during the day, when that far off vision catches you and you give it a moment or two of your undivided attention? We call them dreams. It’s where so […]

CYNTHIA KENNEDY: Young Women of Color Advocating for a Healthy South Sacramento


OPINION – According to the California Department of Public Health, California continues to see increasing levels of inequity in the health status and mortality of communities with less material resources, in particular within minority communities. Center for Community Health & Well-Being, Inc. believes that one critical component to improving health within our communities begins with […]

TIANA BURSE: There is a season for everything.


OPINION – I have been as transparent as I possibly could be in reference to my journey whether good or challenging. Over the past few years, I have encountered moments where I contemplated going back to school, giving up on my dreams and settling for what life had to offer. Here’s the reason why…the amount […]