Nashville program teaches law enforcement about civil rights

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — On the same downtown block where Nashville police officers carried a young John Lewis by his hands and feet to a paddy wagon for daring to take a seat at a whites-only lunch counter decades ago, today’s fresh-faced police recruits are learning lessons about the fraught history between law enforcement and […]

Firm mulls suit over allegations Blacks excluded from juries

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A civil rights law firm has put a Louisiana District Attorney’s Office on notice of a possible lawsuit over allegations the office excludes Black people from juries because of their race. The MacArthur Justice Foundation on Monday released a copy of a letter it sent to Caddo Parish Acting District Attorney […]

Local Leaders Remember Historic March on Washington

SACRAMENTO – When 9-year-old Nigel Ramey was assigned to write a school essay for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, he didn’t have to rely on web sites and old magazine articles, he simply reached out to someone who was there as history unfolded. He called his grandmother, Dr. Felicienne Ramey. Dr. Ramey, the former […]

A Look at Federal Role in Civil Rights Cases

WASHINGTON – Almost as soon as George Zimmerman was pronounced “not guilty” in a Florida courtroom, the cry went up. The U.S. government must get “justice for Trayvon,” insisted protesters angry about the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin. The call will resound again later this month through events marking the 50th anniversary […]

Emory University Released Historical Archive of SCLC Records

ATLANTA — The year 2013 marks the 50th year of the March on Washington where the great humanitarian inspired a nation with his legendary speech, “I’ve Been to the Mountain Top,” in August 1963. Emory University Libraries in partnership with the Martin Luther King Research and Education Institute at Stanford, Morehouse College and Woodruff Library […]

Minniejean Brown Trickey And The Little Rock Nine Part I

SACRAMENTO – Minnijean Brown-Trickey, one of the Little Rock Nine students who desegregated Little Rock Arkansas’ Central High School in the 1950s, said she and her young civil rights counterparts indeed went through a tumultuous time. But she also expressed the vile and unpleasant harassment their parents had to suffer too in some aspects of […]

Citing ‘Naked Racism,’ N.C. Governor Pardons Wilmington Ten

RALEIGH – In what civil rights leaders across the nation are calling a significant moment in the civil rights movement, North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue has granted individual pardons of actual innocence to all members of the Wilmington Ten. “I have decided to grant these pardons because the more facts I have learned about the […]

‘1963’ Explores Civil Rights in Birmingham

NATIONWIDE – “1963: How the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement Changed America and the World,” features a chronological account of some of the major events from that pivotal year in Birmingham’s history. — Photo/The Birmingham News As a teenager growing up in Philadelphia, Barnett Wright learned about the bombing of Birmingham’s Sixteenth Street Baptist Church and […]