TIANA BURSE: The Power of Letting Go


OPINION – Havelock Ellis once stated: “All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” Recently I found myself doing a little spring cleaning in the friend department on social media. While scrolling through and deleting some unwanted negative humans, I found myself pondering on the power of […]

KEVIN CHAVOUS: The Fight for the Dream is Still Alive


OPINION – In the spring of 1968, while growing up in Indianapolis, my mother scooped up me and my three younger siblings and told us that she was going to take us to hear the next president of the United States speak. It was a misty, overcast night but I was excited to go – […]

SIMEON GANT: California’s Green Jobs


OPINION – Governor Jerry Brown opened the new legislative session with a commitment to reducing greenhouse gases and toxic chemicals in our air and water. He is dedicated to reducing pollution, and preventable, environmental causes of asthma, cancer and heart disease, not only in California, but around the world. The last quarter of his record […]

LYNNIS WOODS: De-Stress Your Mess: What to Eat During Stressful Time


OPIONION – One out of 10 Women surveyed by healthywomen.org, say they grap the potato chips, ice cream, crackers ,cookies and alcohol when under stress.  While these foods might taste great especially during stressful times, they are a BIG no-no!  In fact eating these kinds of foods can actually increase the feelings of stress and also […]

TIANA BURSE: Stand For Something or Fall For Anything


OPINION – The great Martin Luther King Jr. once stated: “If a man has not discovered something that he will die for then he isn’t fit to live.” This past week I took a trip to the cinema to see the award-nominated movie “Selma”. With tears welled up in my eyes as the movie came […]

PETER GROFF: The Way Forward for Black Students


OPINION – For good reasons many African Americans have wonderful memories of their time in public schools. Among those recollections are the family and community legacies, the favorite teacher and the lifelong friends that were made. Even for those, particularly in the south in the 1950’s and 1960’s, who have mixed feelings about their public […]

LYNNIS WOODS: 6 Keys To Spiritual Wellness


OPINION – This particular new year has me thinking about my overall spiritual wellness.  It is no secret that I have a faith based company and that I am a Christian.  But when I talk about being spiritual I am not talking about your religion.  Spiritual Wellness for me is seeking the true meaning of […]

CHARLES RATLIFF: Focusing on Doing the Right Things Not Simply Doing Things Right


OPINION – As we strive to strive to identify the factors that are most critical to building a strong economic base in this state and promote civic engagement among a diverse population, it is apparent that we need to remain focused on desired outcomes. Among elected officials it is important to remain focused on promoting […]

ALONDRA THOMPSON: Dealing with life’s unepected monements


OPINION – There are moments in life where we are hit without warning from undesired events. Such events can leave us to feel a reduction of self. The grounding is gone and nothing may get done. I find myself just wanting to pass time in isolation. The awareness of an unseen and/or unplanned moment is […]

TIANA BURSE: What is Your Vision for 2015


OPINION – Helen Keller once stated: “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight with no vision.” As we enter into a new year which brings with it a new 365 page book to be written for ourselves, I can’t help but to wonder how many people have arrived safely into 2015 without […]