LYNNIS WOODS: 4 Great Weight loss tips for  Fabulous Women over 40


OPINION – I know that weight loss is always a topic of discussion but it is especially a hot topic during this time of year. We all want to look great during the summer!  I too have been working on dropping a few pounds and have discovered 4 things that have really worked for me […]

SIMEON GANT: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund In Disadvantaged Communities


OPINION – Among the many benefits of living in California, besides the magnificent weather, is the continuing aforethought of its government leaders, progressive and determined to reverse the negative effects of climate change. Senate Bill 535, authored by Los Angeles Senator Kevin DeLeon and signed by Governor Jerry Brown could very well inject as much […]

TIANA BURSE: Are You Feeling Stuck?


OPINION – We all get stuck. It happens, even to the best of us. Over the last 9 plus years there’s one thing that has become clear to me; millions of people want to do more, be more and have more in at least one area of life. It might be finances, it may be […]



OPINION – I have been writing articles in hopes that I could develop a channel for my own children to utilize as a tool for communication with me. Now the purpose will be for me to have a channel to you all that may give me a sense of certainty that my children will be […]

LYNNIS WOODS: Journey Through Menopause


OPINION – I have recently noticed a direct correlation between my hormonal balances  shift (and I can definitely tell when that happens!) and how it impacts my body during stress. The reaction was subtle  at first but now as I continue through my journey of menopause the symptoms are much more pronounced. So I decided […]

ROBERT WOODS: Getting Your Financial House in Order


OPINION – To start your personal investment program, you must establish a reference point. This reference point begins with how much money you make and where it goes each month. Once you know this, you will know how much money you can save. In a prior article contributing to this series (, the process of a […]

CHARLES RATLIFF: The Emergence of the HAWK Institute


OPINION – Young Black men and youth need help overcoming formidable barriers to their educational and career development. They are being rapidly left behind and left out of American mainstream economics. Statistics demonstrate that Black males are at the greatest risk of failure in the nation’s schools. Black children are 15 percent of the U.S. […]

TIANA BURSE: The Secret to Attracting What you Want


OPINION – Have you heard the phrase “like attracts like” or read the good Biblical Proverbs (23:7) that proclaims, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”? I must admit, up until recently my vision was cloudy as to the real power of these truths. I guess simply choosing to ignore the fact […]

CALIPH ASSAGAI: Did you get Covered? Mental Health Included as Essential Health Benefits


OPINION – With the deadline to get covered under the Affordable Care Act recently passing, nearly 1.4 million Californians now have new health coverage that provides a greater level of coverage, including new essential health benefits. A key new essential health benefit (EHB) is substance abuse, mental and behavioral health coverage. All plans on the […]

LYNNIS WOODS: 7 Top “Anti-Aging” Tips


OPINION – The day arrived not too long ago that I turned 57 years young! It is hard to believe that I have actually been on this earth for 57 years and that I am 3 years from 60. Where has the time gone? Many people have asked me how have I managed to stay […]