Local Entrepreneur Spearheads Donation Drive for Hurricane Survivors

She’s known for bringing Caribbean entertainment to Northern California and now Denise Carter is working to send positive vibes in the other direction in the wake of recent devastation from hurricanes and tropical storms.

Ms. Carter, the founder of HASO Live Events and the One Love Reggae Festival, recently spearheaded a local donation drive for hurricane survivors in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. The Spread Love To The Islands Drive had folks dropping off needed items at Potent Sticks Incense, Body Oils & Rasta Imports North. Locals like Sacramento Caribbean American Association President Ja’nice Wisdom were called on to bring what they could, from non-perishable food items and clothing to air mattresses and building materials.

“We may not be able to do it all, but we’ll do something. We’re a community” Ms. Carter said.

The recent devastation hit home for Ms. Carter, who is Afro-Latino and Puerto Rican and launched her into action. The collected donations will be sent to St. Croix, an island that was spared by the storms and then distributed to impacted areas.