Karyn White To Debut Film & Music

SACRAMENTO – She’s been away from the music industry for 17 years, but the singer most known for her hit “Superwoman,” says she hasn’t put away her cape just yet.

“Everybody loves a comeback story,” says Karyn White.

Ms. White, a former resident of Sacramento now living in Atlanta, will be back in town next week, debuting her new movie, “Gale & The Storm.” The screening will take place on Thursday, October 12 at the Tower Theater, 2508 Land Park Drive,” complete with a red carpet at 6:00 p.m., the film showing at 7:00 p.m. and a question and answer session to follow.

“Gale & The Storm” is Ms. White’s first feature film. She stars as the lead character, co-wrote the script and executive produced the film. While most recognize her as a gold and platinum recording artist, Ms. White says acting was an early love, dating back to her high school days when she performed in plays and in pageants. She was recently seen in the Centric series, “Beauty & The Baller” playing the ex-wife of a professional athlete.

Ms. White lived in Sacramento for 12 years after she left the music world.

“I didn’t really like who I was becoming in the industry,” she admits.

After leaving and divorcing music executive Terry Lewis, she focused on their daughter and getting her off to college. She became a real estate investor and flipped houses in exclusive areas such as Granite Bay and the El Dorado Hills. She’s living in Atlanta now to be close to film opportunities there.

Sacramento left such a mark on her, that she wanted to feature the talent here through her new project.

The movie centers on a legendary funk singer, Gale Storm ( played by Ms. White), who at the height of her career walks away from the industry because she feels betrayed by all involved. She later meets a former successful music producer who helps her get back in the game.

“The movie is a journey of the heart. I’m hoping that people will see that dreams don’t have an expiration date,” Ms. White shared.

The story is loosely based on her friendship with local music icon Jay King. King is an executive producer for the film. Another local music legend, Derrick “DOA” Allen also played a large role in the new film and soundtrack. The two met “back in the day” when Allen was her bass player while she opened for such artists as Bobby Brown and LeVert.

The film and soundtrack, she says, only took $20,000 to make and was shot at several local locations.

“Gale & The Storm” and its soundtrack “Gale & The Storm: Bringing Back The Funk” are being released through Ms. White’s entertainment media company, Karyn White Enterprises, Inc.

She’s enjoying being an independant artist and creator.

“It’s amazing. Not being put in a box is a dream for me,” Ms. White shared.

She says while recording for Warner Brothers, she constantly felt pulled away from the music she wanted to make and the pop music the company thought would sell the most.

“Being independent, I can control my destiny and do the kind of music that moves me, moves my fan base,” she added.

Ms. White, who’ll turn 52 next week, says she’s “better than ever” and she’s embracing all the new opportunities that are coming her way.

The “Superwoman” song turns 30 years old next year and Ms. White is looking forward to obtaining her masters from Warner Brothers. She’s also exploring film distribution deals and even comedy projects.

“I’m excited about my journey now,” she says.

Tickets to the “Gale & The Storm” screening are $20 and can be purchased at karynwhite.me.
By: Genoa Barrow
Senior Staff Writer