10 Things I Like about GOING IN STYLE

This review is for mature audiences.

What is your plan for the rest of your life? Depending on personal circumstances, your life could end up totally different than you think it will and that could be a good thing! This is perhaps one of the most unpredictable eras in modern history and everyone is in constant pursuit of the next best discovery, app, social media platform, trendy restaurant and God knows whatever else.

Yes, there will come a time when you slow down and re-evaluate the life you’re currently living. Holding up a mirror to the choices you’ve made, goals you’ve set—whether achieved or still striving to—is not only daunting but also, oh so funny!

For some, getting older is a piece of cake, for others—not so much. Oscar winners Morgan Freeman (“Million Dollar Baby”), Michael Caine (“The Cider House Rules”) and Alan Arkin (“Little Miss Sunshine”) give noteworthy performances in the family-friendly comedy, GOING IN STYLE, as retired friends, once proud factory workers, who busy themselves as best as possible with neighborhood happenings, events at the lodge and the welfare of family members.

Two of them Willie (Freeman) and Joe (Caine), are doting grandparents, juggling to make ends meet on a fixed income with few options particularly as health challenges loom and house payments balloon. Forced to face the realities of too little money and too little time, Joe comes up with a highly unlikely solution—to rob a bank—recent witness to a successful heist at his bank in light of being turned down for a reduced mortgage payment.

Three 70-something retirees turn desperados when all else fails is hilarious just to think about it. And, the plot doesn’t disappoint. Directed by Zach Braff (“Garden State” and TV’s “Scrubs”) from a screenplay written by Theodore Melfi (“Hidden Figures,” “St. Vincent”), John Ortiz (“Kong: Skull Island”) as “Jesus” and Ann Margaret as “Annie” are this film’s piéce de résistance. Were I to say more, would have to declare a spoiler alert.

Pre spoiler alert two, Freeman’s character in GOING IN STYLE brings poignancy to the role of best friend that belies an arrhythmia teetering between the consciousness of men of honor or men of desperation—you root for these guys even though you know you shouldn’t and enjoy every bit of it.

10 Things I Like about GOING IN STYLE:

1. The film is full of surprises and made me laugh out loud from start to finish

2. The film is multicultural and multigenerational

3. The story, though highly unlikely, makes sense

4. Makes you think about the quality of your life and the life you want to live

5. Doesn’t exploit senior citizens rather illuminates their youthful exuberance albeit more mental than physical

6. An ensemble of mature cast members with great on screen chemistry

7. Replete with life lessons that are not overdone

8. Has a good, plausible ending

9. Celebrates life

10. Demonstrates that Hollywood is not just for actors 30 years old and younger
By Sandra Varner