Festival to Raise Funds for Oak Park Little League

OAKPARK – Many a Black athlete has pointed to an inner-city upbringing and how participation in sports helped improve their outlook and circumstances.

A group of local citizens is joining together to raise money for the Oak Park Little League and increase opportunities for the children it serves to avoid the pitfalls of youth drug dependency, gang violence and poverty.

The group will host a team festival and ceremony on Sunday, June 29 at 4:00 p.m. at the baseball diamond at James McClatchy Park, 3500 5th Avenue. Other local teams are invited to attend and are asked to bring a dish to share.

They’ll also be sharing information about their Free Baseball and Agility Youth Camps, which begins June 30.

The group, which includes Nataya Williams, CEO of Will-Tickets Publishing; New York based author and rapper P.M Don; Tommi Gomez, President of Oak Park Little League; and Shatara Travis, former Boys and Girls Club operator, is set to host a number of fundraisers including community prevention walks and book sales, with proceeds directly beneftting the Oak Park Little League “in order to gather equipment and other influential personalities that act as role models and instructors to better train our kids.”

Help from the community is also welcome through donations of money, sporting equipment and volunteers. For more information, contact Ms. Williams at (916) 969-5202.