Celebrate Father’s Day with a Free Audio Download of “Go the F**K to Sleep” Featuring Samuel L. Jackson

Go-the-F-k-to-SleepNEWARK –  Audible is celebrating Father’s Day, offering a FREE download of Academy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson’s performance of the mock children’s book, Go the F**k to Sleep Monday 6/9/14 through Father’s Day, 6/15/14 at www.audible.com/sleep.

Go the F**ck to Sleep, written by Adam Mansbach, is a hysterically funny adult storybook that captures an exhausted parent’s attempt to put their kid to bed. First released by Audible Studios in 2011, Jackson’s recording became a viral phenomenon after he brought the book with him on a Letterman appearance.
“I remember all those times when I did read to my daughter when she was that age and everybody tells you reading stories will put kids to sleep, but it never works. It didn’t in my house,” said Samuel L. Jackson. “I did say “Go the F**k to sleep” to her a lot and I think at some point she would look at me when I would come into her room and she would say “go the f**k to sleep daddy?” and I would say “yeah, go the f**k to sleep.”
Jackson’s performance of Go the F**ck to Sleep is the most downloaded Audible Studios title of all time and was an Audie finalist for Audiobook of the Year in 2012.
Among the acclaimed actors who have performed works of literature for Audible are Anne HathawayBen Stiller,Bryan Cranston, Claire DanesColin Firth, Dan StevensDiane KeatonDustin HoffmanJake Gyllenhaal and Kate Winslet. In 2013, Audible Studios won its first Grammy Award, for its production of Janis Ian’s memoir Society’s Child, and also won the Audie Award for Audiobook of the Year, for Firth’s performance of Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair.


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    Celebrate Father’s Day with a Free Audio Download of “Go the F**K to Sleep” Featuring Samuel L. Jackson

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