TIANA BURSE: How To Overcome Procrastination

sac-button-tianaOPINION – Everyone suffers from it. Even the best of us do. It is one of the most occurring diseases that plague each and every one of us. I remember 9 years ago when I decided to plant my flag, draw a line in the sand, put my head down, place my goals out in front of me and build on my dreams, I found myself in a uncomfortable state of non-action.

Although I made the decision to change my life, I stumbled my way to becoming a full time expert in the area of procrastination versus a business builder.  Within my first 90 days I had consciously talked myself in and out of everything that had to be done to build my business.

Then I heard a life-changing message from one of my favorite speakers EVER! He shared with me that I was either growing or dying as an entrepreneur but I most certainly wasn’t standing still. He proceeded to say “Tiana, you deserve to do a check-up from the neck up.”

Something about what he said became my catalyst to succeed.

Here are five simple steps that I did to start my “Overcoming of Procrastination” process.


Most of us tend to want EVERYTHING that other people want or have. However here’s the problem with that; most people are not willing to put the work ethic into attaining more. Because 97 percent of the population would rather die than think, it takes mental focus to really identify what’s important and mentally remind ourselves of that daily.


Stop accepting excuses from yourself. How many of us tend to rationalize why we can’t do something instead of just doing it? All of us have at one time or another.  You see, when you give yourself excuses and accept those excuses we give other people permission to do the same.

3.    DECIDE!

Decide that you will do whatever it takes to succeed! Once you do that you are 99 percent on the way to achieving any and everything that you deserve.


Latch onto your vision! Align yourself mentally as well as emotionally with what you really want. Don’t mislead yourself into pretending you want everything when you really want nothing more than what you already have.

And lastly,

 5.    GET CLEAR!

Clarity is one of the most profound tools that you can use to eliminate excuses and overcome procrastination. When the fog wears away and the vision becomes clear the “how to” won’t matter.


By Tiana Burse


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