TIANA BURSE: Face Your Fears & Win The Battle

sac-button-tianaOPINION – When it comes to developing the inner workings of ourselves it is so easy to let the “inner you” take over and dominate your life. In my life I have had several struggles and honestly I still struggle at times with tiny little fears that when compounded have a dramatic role in keeping me mentally paralyzed from taking the action steps required to attaining my desired goals.

Does this sound familiar to you?

During my countless hours of working harder on myself than I do in any other area of my life I have discovered 3 key elements that have become my catalyst to stepping out of the “fear” zone and into pure productivity.

1. Recognize that the universe is on your side.
2. Practice the art of non- judgments especially on yourself.
3. Know that things always work out for the best.

By slowly embracing the fact that the universe is here to simply align you with your goals and dreams, all you have to do is decide upon the path you want and allow the universe to place people and opportunities to assist you in receiving everything that your heart desires.
Now let’s get into practicing the art of non-judgment. How many times have we judged people, places and things in our lives?

A lot!

And what is even more interesting is that we tend to judge ourselves the most. What we could be doing more of, why things are not magically happening for us in every area of our lives and why we are not living the life style that we truly deserve.

Here’s the good news.

Everything works out for the best.

Creating a better relationship with your inner thoughts will no doubt eliminate fears, bring clarity to what needs to be done on a daily basis to achieve your goals, which in the end allows you to win the battle of the mind.
Be Bold. Be Great. Be You.


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