32nd Annual NAACP Prayer Breakfast: Balance Our Community Priorities

DSC_0056SACRAMENTO – Faith has seen the African American community through tough and trying times as well as triumphant ones.

The Sacramento NAACP is gathering area faithful together to address issues and challenges facing the community. The organization hosts its 32nd Annual NAACP Prayer Breakfast on Good Friday, April 18. The event will be held from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. at the Red Lion Hotel, located at 500 Leisure Lane.

This year’s theme is “Balance Our Community Priorities,” with discussion centering on HIV/AIDS, education, health, and jobs. There will be a panel discussion featuring local clergy as well as sermonettes calling for prayer.

General admission tickets to the Prayer Breakfast are $40 per person. Reserved seating is $400 for a table of 10 or $550 for a table of 10 and an ad in the event program book.

For more information, call (916) 628-3142 or (916) 856-0155.


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    32nd Annual NAACP Prayer Breakfast: Balance Our Community Priorities

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