TIANA BURSE: Follow Your Passion

sac-button-tianaOPINION – Recently I had the privilege of speaking in LA about the “Art of True Self Discovery”.

After I got done sharing my experiences both challenging as well as exciting, I found myself in a interesting situation.

I began to open myself up while feeling as if something took hold of my body, mind & soul which ultimately allowed me to remove my normal quote, un quote “wall” that I have up at all times.

Now, for those that truly know who I am and how I operate, the thought or even the physical sight of me truly exposing my inner self is not actually normal.


As I began to come to my closing story in reference to how I have gotten to the place in my life and business…A young lady in the audience stood up with what appeared to be a mission as to why she showed up.

A purpose if you will…

She was someone that honestly looked so familiar. She was bright, excited, charismatic & intelligent.

Although I was shocked that someone would stand up in a crowd before I was finished speaking…but a part of me was intrigued…

Intrigued by her story.

She began to ask me a series of questions that shocked me…questions that were so in depth with the struggles of pursuing my true passions that I knew she was at a fork in the road in her life.

The fork in the road that had her closest friends and family sharing their opinions about what she should do and could do considering they were the ones that have been somewhat financially supportive of her cause.

Although I won’t share the end result as of yet with her journey…There is a light at the end of the struggles, challenging as well as small successes.

You see, there are many journeys that we all encounter in our lives. Some of us try, try, try and then try again until we finally find that one thing that we are meant to pursue with this one life that we have.

And then there are others whom live their lives daily without ever pursuing the things that they love the most.

To be frank, the true discovery to self purpose and passion is to come to a place just like the young lady who stood up in a crowded room during the end of my speech.

And although I won’t yet share what she shared with us…One thing that she gifted to the audience was beyond powerful….

“Always go with your passions….even if they are realistic or not.”

Be Bold. Be Great. Be You.