ALONDRA THOMPSON: Parents & Teens The Ultimate Struggle of Love

sac-button-AlondraOPINION – Working with children gives us an opportunity to become aware, involved in the life of another, and surrender.
When I became a mother, I figured that it would be amazing to be involved with the life of another. I really did not know what I was asking to see would actually be self-discovery of me. Children are so amazing and unique! The reality of our children’s uniqueness gives a channel for a parent to acknowledge his/her own uniqueness. Being involved with each others’ lives allows for growth and prosperity. Being in the now of every experience is abundant.

Surrendering is choosing to obtain strength from our Higher Power. It seems that without such surrendering, parents appear weighted and drained with attempting to do it alone. I choose not to and am thankful that I do not have to. The lightness of parenting with surrendering will continue to give permission to both the parent and the child’s authentic self!
Teen’s Response

For me personally, I love working with kids. It’s fun to see how they handle things and try to understand everything. Children will tell you anything and everything, same with listening.

For example, I volunteered over the summer and a young girl had fallen and was crying really hard, I told her a story. The story of a magical unicorn that can heal pain, she believed it. I told the same story to another child, he didn’t believe me. I thought this was funny because they were the same age same height same everything, they just think differently. When you start listening to what young children say and how they think makes you start to think, well for me it did. That is amazing then you start to look at things differently .