Sixteenth Annual “Youth and the Law Forum”

78494709SACRAMENTO – Concerned judicial, law enforcement, business and community leaders have pooled their local efforts to host the Sixteenth Annual “Youth and the Law Forum,” Saturday, October 19.

The Forum will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Lorenzo E. Patino Hall of Justice located at 651 I Street in downtown Sacramento.

While the Forum is a free event, attendees are urged to arrive early as all guests are being asked to register.

Hosting the event will be a highly diverse group of leaders including judges, law enforcement officials, deputy sheriffs, probation officers, narcotic and gang detectives, correctional officers and others.

Leaders at the Forum will address such topics as: How the criminal justice system works; How to interact with police officers or deputy sheriffs; What happens if you go to jail or prison; and other criminal justice system topics.

Sponsors of the Forum are the 100 Black Men of Sacramento, McDonald’s, Walmart and the Superior Court of Sacramento County (Judge Renard F. Shepard, Ret.).

For more information about the event please go to or call (916) 428-8203.