TIANA BURSE: You Create The Life You Want

sac-button-tianaOPINION – Whether we want to admit it or not, everything that has manifested in our lives has been created by the thoughts we think and by where we direct the majority of our daily focus. As far back as I can remember, two of the most brilliant quotes that have ever been shared state: “Thoughts are things” and “Life or death is in the power of the tongue” (and the last one is biblical).

It may be a bit hard to comprehend, but the majority of our circumstances at this exact moment have a direct reflection upon how we view our inner self. Have you noticed that when things are financially in disarray, more bills tend to appear in the mail box? Or when we run late for an appointment/job, we seem to get caught in traffic and/or get behind a really slow driver? And what about when there is a challenging day…it seems like the day gets progressively worse and worse?

Everything from your job, home, income, bank account balance and the relationships that you create, carry with them one thing in common — and that person is YOU.

We are, in essence, the creator of our own circumstances.

So, what conditions are you creating right now in your life? Are you focusing on love, abundance, happiness, sadness, lack, anger, resentment, prosperity or gratefulness? Coming to the realization that our conditions are based upon the embodiment of all that we think and believe about ourselves, can very quickly be turned around into a positive situation, similar to having your own genie in a bottle granting us everything we truly desire in life each and every day.

An example of this would be, instead of focusing on bills and lack of income, shift that focus to abundance and faith. When you get frustrated because of traffic, take a moment and listen to some relaxing music while appreciating the alone time you finally have with yourself. Or when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, take some time to read the obituary in the morning paper — this should allow you to truly see how much of a gift the present moment is.

Start today and create the life you want to live and above all… Be Bold. Be Great. Be You.
By Tiana Burse