ALONDRA THOMPSON: Parents &Teens The Ultimate Struggle of Love

sac-button-AlondraOPINION – Today I would like to talk with you about the phrase, “Lights, Camera, Action.” When we think about lights, it can be described as an opportunity for us to enlighten and empower our children. As we discuss camera it’s all about the recorder of our past, and action, as defined by Bing’s Dictionary, is “doing something toward a goal: process of doing something in order to achieve a purpose.”

When we, as parents, guide our children toward a place of peace, enlightenment is present, an opportunity for our children to understand life with clarity. In the midst of our “societal fog” it seems to be imperative that we, as parents, provide light on our children’s path, defined by Marriam-Webster’s Dictionary, “light is something that makes vision possible.”

Our children are deserving of a peaceful vision of life. Parents’ attempt to make things calm and peaceful may appear challenging for the child. Such a challenge may cause waves within the parent-child relationship. Such waves are managed by how we, both parents and children, respond.

Camera, a recorder of the past, is amazing because this equipment can be seen as an opportunity to learn from our experiences. Such a tool allows us to review the waves of challenges as an opportunity to learn and have continued growth. Today, children seem to utilize the camera to record themselves in a desirable pose. Let us now also use this instrument as a tool for motivation to enhance life management skills and a tool to move us all forward.

Action is the verb for a vision of positive possibilities to be obtained. When viewing a film, television, etc., the action is manipulated to give the desired outcome. The action of our children’s lives appear to be manipulated by parents, cohort, and the social media, what a gumbo! Yet with the Lights and Camera available to them and provided by the parents, our children have a path guided not only by us but also by God and because of the last ingredient, God, we as parents can surrender that which we cannot manipulate, life. Lights, Camera, Action!!

Teen’s Response

Lights, camera, action!!! This saying has many different connotations. For teenagers it’s a way to view the path of growing up. “Lights,” meaning that the future has brightness, chances, and possibilities. “Camera,” being the outlook on how you choose to live your life. Whether you choose to get a job, go to college, or just do nothing and live in your parents’ basement. “Action,” this part of the quote is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s saying that you choose how to react when something happens in your life, whether it is good or bad. This is the time in your life where everything is up to you, you may have your parents but in the end it’s your choice, no one else’s. To sum all this up, your life is always in your hands. There will be people to help you along, but everything comes down to your final decision.


By Alondra Thompson