TIANA BURSE: Let’s Be Honest

sac-button-tianaOPINION – Life is challenging for you because you have created it that way.

I know this is a hard statement, but the reality is we don’t experience the world as it is…We live through the world as we are.

In my recent readings, I stumbled upon a story that impacted my belief system which ultimately became the game changer in the way I see the world.

In 1999 the New York Times began awarding college scholarships to high school seniors who had succeeded despite the odds. A young lady named Liz Murray grew up in the Bronx, the child of two parents who were IV drug users. One day she woke up and found that her parents sold her sister’s winter coat to get money for a fix. So in order to keep herself and her sister feed, she offered to pump gas at gas stations at the age of 9 and bagged groceries for tips.

It wasn’t until Liz was in junior high school where she discovered that most of her peer’s parents didn’t shoot up drugs in the living room. It was just around that time where her mother was diagnosed with aids. She didn’t go to school much at that time because she was too busy taking care of her mother who was also schizophrenic.

When Liz was 15 her mother died and Liz became homeless.

There was something about that experience that changed her perspective on how she viewed the world. Liz had a realization that brought her to a decision.She wanted to get back into high school; but remember she was homeless. She first found a summer job; she then saved money, applied for a prestigious high school after dropping out and got accepted.

She stated, the death of her mom showed her how short life is. Liz then applied to Harvard. The interview with Harvard landed on the same day as her appointment at the welfare office. She left the welfare office and chose to put her bigger future first. She was accepted at Harvard and currently has a book written on her life.

Liz’s tenacity to seek the positive situations in her uncomfortable existence proved to all of us that our lives are solely based upon the way we see it. How are you seeing your world right now?
The honest truth is: we get from life what we bring to it — plain and simple.

Be Bold. Be Great. Be You.
By Tiana Burse