AZIZZA GOINES: Only the Strong Survive the Dream

sac-button-AzizzaOPINION – Almost all of us do it. You know, sometimes at night when we close our eyes and enter that state of REM and sometimes during the day, when that far off vision catches you and you give it a moment or two of your undivided attention? We call them dreams. It’s where so many of our desires begin. And some of those desires grab hold of you and won’t let go. Now, what do you do? Where do you begin turning that dream into a part of your life? How do you make it a part of the fabric of who you are?

In the beginning it all seems so overwhelming. Let me suggest to you that you begin by finding out what you DON’T know. Research is hard and usually tedious. Know that you don’t know it all and that you need to rely on resources outside of those you have to help propel you towards success. Our fear of asking for help is oftentimes the sole reason for our failure.

Finding a mentor or mentors to not build your dream, but guide you to realizing your dream can make all of the difference in the world. Begin journaling. Start your “to do” list. Begin visualizing what needs to be done to reach your desired goal. If you’re not a task oriented person to begin with, the discipline of becoming one is essential to your success. It will help you take that dream and prioritize all that needs to be done. You don’t need to know it all, but you do need to know how to surround yourself with all of the people and pieces that will propel you to realizing what began as your dream.

One of the worse things I think that you could do to yourself is skip any of the steps along the way to your success and believe they are inconsequential. You should only find out that they are inconsequential after you’ve taken that step – not before even trying it. You should want to know best practices and pitfalls. They are all teachers – all of equal importance.

Don’t be afraid to fail along the way. It doesn’t mean you give up, it merely means you’ve recognized a pitfall. Not taking risk for fear of failing is one of the worse things you could do to yourself and your business. Remember that even after your business has become successful. Not taking risk will most certainly lead to stagnation and eventual failure. A good case in point is Blackberry. Clearly they had an aversion to risk – became complacent with the product they had and were left behind by those risk takers. They’re now considering selling what little bit of the business they have left.

If you’ve been accustomed to literally or figuratively “clocking in” to do the bidding of someone else’s dream, know that fulfilling your own has no “clock out” time. You will find you’re clocked in all of the time. Be prepared for that. Have tools available to jot down thoughts and ideas all of the time. Perhaps its a smart phone with an electronic recorder or pen and journal with you always. Don’t let those ideas and thoughts just slip away.

Find ways to walk in the circles where there are like minds. Those like minds don’t have to have the same dream as your own, but they should have the same drive and desire to surround themselves with individuals who may know where the resources you (and they) need for success. Make certain you are prepared for every opportunity that might present itself while you’re walking towards making your dream a reality.

By following this recipe for success, when you walk to the bank or lending institution for support, you will be ready for them to take your ask seriously. You will know that all of your hard work has prepared you for success and you’ve left no stone unturned. If they turn you down, it won’t be because you’re not “loan ready.” You will merely gather your documentation and take it elsewhere. You will know you have no reason to stop looking for that support. You’ve done the work and know that it is good. Keep moving towards making that dream you had become your reality.

Remember, long long hours of hard work in preparation paired with opportunity, collide to born success.


By Azizza Goines