TIANA BURSE: The Secret Weapon

sac-button-tianaOPINION – Have you ever wondered why some people seem to achieve everything they want, while others don’t? I have found myself a time or ten seeking the answer to the why factor…Why does he or she have it all, when I don’t?

There always seems to be this secret that the majority of us seek when it comes to getting everything in life that we truly desire. We seek advice from people who seem to have it all, we enroll in seminars and classes, we “Google” it, we “Youtube” it and we download every book that we can find just so we can discover the special ingredients to achieving everything in life that we rightfully long.

Maybe you can relate…

As I write this I am entering into my 8th year as an entrepreneur, success seeker and my pursuit to a life filled with pure prosperity. This journey has been rather powerful thus far; filled with some highs while enduring the lower moments that carry with it disappointments and despair…However, while on this journey, I have managed to discover the actual secret to receiving everything in life that I want, summed up in one simple word:


Some say that the real definition of gratitude is: The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to receive in return. I found this meaning profound. Could it have been that the undisclosed secret lay awake in us the entire time?

You see, a part of being in the state of pure gratefulness is releasing the belief that we can actually control everything that happens to us. Despite whatever it is that you are feeling at this exact moment, understand that you are precisely where you are supposed to be.

What a powerful belief.

When you begin to appreciate the mornings when you rise (even if your bed is a floor), the sound of the birds chirping (even if they are annoying to you), the feeling of the warm sun shining down upon you (even if it created sun spots) and the air that comes into your lungs even if you cannot see it nor feel it.

Building a mindset of “I am grateful” allows the flow of abundance into your life and gives the universe permission to bless you with like energy. In other words, when you become grateful for what you already have, you open the floodgates to give you more to be grateful for.

From this point on, remember your innermost desires are simply a thankful daily thought away.

Be Bold. Be Great. Be You.
By Tiana Burse