TIANA BURSE: Be Gentle To Yourself

sac-button-tianaOPINION – “I can’t be as good as them, I’m not pretty enough, not qualified enough, smart enough, tall enough, wise enough, gifted enough, skinny enough, I will probably fail, It’s already been done before, that book is already written, that song has already been sung, so why even try?”

Do these statements sound familiar to you? They do to me.

The inner conversations we have with ourselves are at the root of what’s holding all of us back from achieving our innermost desires. There is an old African Proverb that states; “If there’s no enemy within, the enemy without can do us no harm.”

You see, at birth we are gifted with a mind that is pure without the judgments of others as well as ourselves. But somewhere along the line, things change. We start becoming hypnotized by what the world says is perfectly, perfect. Whether it’s in the media, magazines, television (also known as the income reducer) and even our environment; which ultimately causes us to look at ourselves and buy into the fiction that we are not good enough.

It’s as if a picture has already been painted for us that states; “If you are not flawless, you can’t be successful, attain your heart desires and/or more importantly live the life that you truly deserve.” Which; in my own personal experience has directed me a time or two, in committing internal suicide of the person that I am suppose to be. This is why taking complete control of our thoughts and monitoring our inner conversations are far more important than any outside dialogue that we may with anyone else.

Renewing your mind with positive self talk, reading inspiring books, reading this column on a weekly basis and creating dialogue with others that encourage internal growth is the starting point to a new life. When the inner us becomes clear that we are filled with worthiness, brilliance, beauty and talents regardless of the external circumstances, that’s when we open the doors of opportunities that silently stand by and await our arrival.

Be Bold. Be Great. Be YOU & Remember…Thoughts are things so chose your thoughts wisely.